The Aspiring Kindness Foundation and the Saint Barnabas Burn Foundation partnered together to provide burn and fire prevention tips. These tips were provided by Dr. Mansour, the medical director at Saint Barnabas’ Burn Center to address the most common scenarios.

Please review the Top 10 fire safety prevention tips and the below links for additional tips.

  1. Know two ways out of each room
  2. Feel a door for evidence of heat before opening it
  3. Remember to crawl low under smoke
  4. Replace any electrical cord that is cracked or frayed
  5. Never heat a baby bottle in a microwave
  6. Set water heaters to 120 degrees. Anything higher poses a risk for scald injuries
  7. Change smoke detector batteries when you change the clock
  8. Replace smoke detectors that are more than 10 years old
  9. Never use gasoline to enhance or start a fire when grilling

Please visit for more important prevention safety tips.

Fire Escape Plan Establishing an escape plan is key, to create a personalized Fire Escape Plan, click here to access a blank template to implement a plan today!

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