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Aspiring Kindness Foundation Selected for Amicus Corporate Citizenship Fundraiser

On January 29, 2015, Amicus Therapeutics hosted the Amicus Corporate Citizenship fundraiser in Cranbury, NJ where employees raise funds on behalf of a charity of their choice.  Kristen Zimmerman, a Data Management Associate at Amicus Therapeutics, is a survivor of the Seton Hall University Boland Hall fire and a friend of Aaron Karol. Kristen proactively selected The Aspiring Kindness Foundation to be featured at the Amicus Therapeutics’ fundraising event.  The results were remarkable. A total of $800 was raised with 100% of those donations given to our foundation!

We met with Kristen Zimmerman to discuss her incredible act of kindness and wanted to share her story.  We encourage everyone to ask their employer if they have similar citizenship opportunities or allow corporate matching.  Every dollar helps aspire kindness and we appreciate everyone’s support!

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Why did you decide to support the Aspiring Kindness Foundation at the Amicus Therapeutics’ Corporate Citizenship fundraising event?

Kristen: With the 15th anniversary of the fire approaching, I wanted to be able to honor Aaron Karol in a positive way. I chose to support The Aspiring Kindness Foundation because I remember how amazing of a person Aaron was, and how he was such a good friend to me, even in the short time we knew each other. I know that he would be very proud of this organization!

Can you explain the Amicus Therapeutics’ Corporate Citizenship fundraising event?

Kristen: Each quarter at Amicus, all employees gather to show our support for each other and celebrate our accomplishments together. With our first event of the year taking place in January, I was honored that the Amicus Corporate Citizenship Committee nominated me and my charity to be featured at the event. Amicus supported me in telling my story of what happened during the Boland hall fire and I knew in my heart that The Aspiring Kindness Foundation was the charity that I would be honored to represent. With the Super Bowl being close to the event, I chose to have a charity super bowl pool with a percentage of the money raised and the corporate match going to The Aspiring Kindness Foundation. 

How were you impacted by the Seton Hall Boland Hall tragedy?

Kristen: I lived on the 2nd floor, on the North side of Boland Hall. I was very fortunate that I was able to make it out of the fire unharmed. That morning, I saw things that I will never forget, and I felt the loss of a friend that I will never forget.

I have made friends for a lifetime through that experience, and I stayed at Seton Hall because that was where my heart was. I am proud that I am a Seton Hall graduate. Even though we all wish the situation was different, I am happy that there is now fire awareness in colleges and it is something that needed to be brought to light.

How has The Aspiring Kindness Foundation impacted or inspired you?

Kristen: Aspiring Kindness is an organization that I believe in because of its mission statement. I loved that it supports emergency responders and service providers, but I also loved that this organization supports other organizations with the same message.

The Aspiring Kindness Foundation is a group of gentleman that have worked very hard to keep the organization going. They’re very supportive, kind, understanding and are all individually amazing. The interactions I’ve had with this organization have been extremely positive and I know that Aspiring Kindness will continue to make a meaningful difference, and any company that works with this charity will be inspired.

What advice do you have for others interested in raising money for our foundation with their employer?

Kristen: The only advice I have is that you have to believe in the charity and explain from the heart the great work they do.

Lastly, ask your company if they match donations or provide a similar charitable program – it’s easy and makes a big impact!


Pictured Left to Right: Janet Del Mauro, Nestor Gomez, Kristen Zimmerman

Pictured Left to Right: Janet Del Mauro, Nestor Gomez, Kristen Zimmerman

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