In connection with the 10 year anniversary for the Seton Hall tragedy, a group of Aaron Karol’s childhood friends founded the Aspiring Kindness Foundation. The charity was created to always remember Aaron while raising funds to support emergency first responders, hospital burn units, and the Aaron Karol memorial scholarship.

Aaron Karol

What Aspires Us?

The support for the victims since the tragedy in 2000 has been incredible but the financial assistance has waned over the years. Additionally, the local emergency providers who risked their lives to save the innocent students have encountered trouble obtaining funding due to subsiding federal and state budgets.

In hopes of aiding the heroic endeavors of first responders and emergency service personnel, the Aspiring Kindness Foundation has worked to raise capital for those impacted by the fire. Since the charity’s inception in 2010, the foundation has provided support for fire departments, burn units and hospitals in the tri-state area.

Supporting Our Community

In 2010, the foundation’s initial priority focused support for emergency service providers that assisted the Seton Hall University during the tragedy. For several years, the foundation’s fund raising initiatives provided support for the South Orange community as it worked to move past the tragedy. As a result of our efforts, we witnessed an incredible transformation and noticeable impact to the community.

Our foundation has evolved to help numerous other organizations in the tri-state area. As time passes, the Aspiring Kindness Foundation continues to expand it’s reach and impact in a meaningful way.

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